To Strip or Not To Strip…Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

I started my first blog about cleansing the skin, the first step of  your home care routine.


You now understand the necessity to cleanse properly, but you also need to use  the proper cleanser.  I did mention there are choices for your cleanser. It can be a gel, a milk, or a lotion formula.  You will choose one that treats your skin type and your currant skin condition.  I personally use two. One in my morning shower and the other for my evening cleansing. I rotate them so I always have 2 different cleansers to choose from, I love the variety of  formulas and aromas.


The wrong cleanser will strip your skin of its natural lipids, (Those are the oils in your skin to  protect you and keep your moisture levels intact) and begin the aging cycle. Yes, dehydrated skin makes you look older and starts a chain of free radicals. Remember inflammation is the beginning of older looking and feeling skin.


One of the most damaging ingredients in a majority of facial cleansers, body washes and shampoos is SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.


SLS gives that luxurious feeling of a rich lather. We see it on TV, if it does not have

a rich thick foam, it is not working, right? Wrong! You do not need to have that foam, lather or sudsing action for your cleanser to work properly. You can keep them for your household cleaning duties. (Actually, my household cleaning supplies are SLS free as well)



The research I have done, shows that this ingredient is not as toxic as some but

it is an irritant.  In fact, it is used in Labs to irritate the skin so they can then test other potions to find out the effectiveness of a particular healing or calming agent. We never want to irritate the skin. Irritation causes inflammation.


The quest for healthy skin must start with stopping anything that will cause inflammation. Inflammation can start with the wrong cleanser, and continue with

over exfoliating, too much sun exposure and go inward with a bad diet causing more harm.


My next blog will cover Inflammation and Anti-Aging.  But for now, be aware  of

Sodium Laurel Sulfate Now get rid of your skin, body and hair care products that

list it as an ingredient.


More and more companies are aware of the problems associated with SLS and are removing it from their formulas. The cleansers sold at Esthetica Skin Care are SLS free.


Your healthy skin is beautiful skin.



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