Sharing My Love for Skin Care

Esthetica Skin Care Salon is your personal sanctuary for beauty and wellness. This salon came into existence from my deep passion for beauty nurtured by a rich history in the beauty industry. I have meticulously crafted a tranquil environment to provide personalized and private skin care treatments, ensuring an intimate experience for all my clients.

Esthetica Skin Care

Health-Driven Approach

My approach to skin care is rooted in health. I believe in using the purest and most natural products that are free from harmful additives for potent and therapeutic results. My salon also leverages the latest and safest treatment technologies to ensure that you receive the best care possible.

Personalized Guidance

For me, skin care is a collaborative journey. I value individualized assessments and personalized skin care programs. My priority is to educate you about the skin's functionalities and the importance of professional skin care. With this knowledge, I believe we can work together to achieve your skincare goals.

At Esthetica, I understand that general wellness is enriched through healthy skin and an improved appearance. I am committed to offering you a relaxing and tranquil environment to experience the best skin care products and treatments. Your journey to radiant skin begins here.

Esthetica Skin Care

Read What the Clients Are Saying


Esthetica has been listed in Allure Magazine as offering one of the best facials in Los Angeles. The Time Out Los Angeles guide also has mentioned Brandi as a destination spot for skin care. Hardly a week goes by where somebody doesn't comment on how great my skin looks looks. I always tell them it's Brandi's magic.

~James H.

I love getting a facial with Brandi at Esthetica. The environment is calming, enjoyable and very peaceful. There's always great conversation in the 1 hour session and I also get to find out exactly what each product is doing for my skin.


I have been a client of Brandi Levy's/Esthetica Skin Care for 9 years. Brandi provides the most thorough and most comfortable facials, I have ever had. All of her services and products are innovative and the most holistic/organic around. I have very sensitive skin and I have never had an issue with any of the products used or services provided. She is simply the best! I glowingly refer her to others whenever the occasion arises. I even followed her to the valley from the Westside, in LA there's no bigger compliment!

~Susan G

I have been going to Brandi as my Facialist for over 10 years. She is amazing! Not only is she a wonderful Facialist but she takes that extra step by learning as much as she can about skin and the products she recommends. She is always available to explain everything she does and sells and will take the time to teach you how to care for your skin in the best way possible. I continue to use all the products she recommends and always have great results! I would recommend Esthetica to anyone wanting a "spa-like" get away and the best facial in town!


Seeing Brandi is still a treat for me even though I've been seeing her for more than 16years. She understands her products and most importantly she understands what will work for me, that's not easy with my very sensitive skin. I have complete confidence in Brandi and her knowledge of her products and her business, she keeps meticulous records… she can tell me what she used on me in1996 and if I had any problems with an ingredient. So if I want to try a new product she can cross reference and see if the new product could cause any sensitivity. By the way, my favorite products at this time are: Osmosis catalyst skin restoration serum with SRG-7, and Ambra-Lift. Brandi works very hard at what she does. When I leave her I am relaxed and know I certainly got what I paid for. Have you ever gone somewhere and prayed the technician would STOP TALKING so you could relax?. Or worse yet the person working on you talked the whole time and did things or said things that made you feel like she didn't know what she was doing? THAT WILL NOT BE YOUR EXPERIENCE AT ESTHETICA. As far as I'm concerned Brandi is at the top of her game, and among the best of those working in the L.A. Beauty Business.

~Peggy R

Brandi is like having a personal trainer for my skin. I have chronic rosacea and with Brandi's guidance and products, the condition is under control and my skin overall looks so much healthier. Thank you Brandi for giving me a skin care regime that really works!


I have known Brandi and been going to Esthetica since she opened her salon. I love her facials and other treatments and they have helped my skin stay healthy and youthful. She is very sensitive to all my allergies and takes special care to give me great treatment. She has a very gentle touch. And she does it all with lots of love!. I highly recommend Brandi for any and all skin care treatment.

~S. Berges.

Brandi Levy has been a constant in my life for 16 years and I am grateful. Brandi gives a superb facial. But you never get just a facial at Esthetica. What you get is an experience! For an hour or so you recline in a lovely, sunlit interior surrounded by peaceful gardens. You are calmed by aromatherapy and the expert application of botanicals, treated, at hour's end to a light but effective massage of your face, neck and shoulders. You emerge – transformed!

~Mia Ellis

I have left my face in the healing hands of Brandi Levy for the past 15 years. I rely on Brandi for the latest in natural skin care procedures and her products to keep me in between facials. Her deep knowledge of skin care and wonderfully relaxing facials have been an important part of my skin maintenance program. I always walk away feeling rejuvenated and inspired. She is the best esthetician I have ever been too, hands down!